Outofsight Art Sites

International Collage exhibition/exchange
(previously called Bakers Dozen)
Information about taking part
Dale Copeland
Dale Copeland's assemblage art
Virtual Tart
50 artists from Taranaki in New Zealand
Assemblage 100
An exhibition to mark the centenary
of the birth of Joseph Cornell
Assemblage Encounter
Seth Apter & robbii of New York, Dale Copeland of New Zealand
Letters from Ronald's Room
Artwork from the house of Ronald Hugh Morrieson.
A Couple of Artistic Pairs
Dale Copeland & Paul Hutchinson,
Roger Morris & Marianne Muggeridge
Paul Hutchinson
contemporary realist painter
Taranaki Art
Established artists in Taranaki, New Zealand
Cities of Art
An International Accord
Le Voyage Imaginaire
Imaginary Voyage - a travelling exhibition.
Portrait of the Artist
The 25 portraits selected from the
Virtual Tart exhibition, December '10.

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