Thirteen Ladies Passing - Elizabeth

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Thirteen Ladies Passing - Elizabeth
Jane Wynn

Jane Wynn
from Parkville, MD, USA

Working on these collages was a bit of a struggle for me - I am used to working sculpturally and I have forgotten what it is like to work on paper.
I became obsessed with the number 13: my grandmother whom I grew up with always said that 13 was her favorite number and she loved Friday 13th.
I found images of women from the 1920's - 1940's and that made me think of my grandmother. Even with her being gone now for over ten years, she still finds a way to always be with me, as she told me she would.
I had figured out an "idea" about the number 13 and death notices and needed to wait just long enough to get them from the local paper- that is why my package was a bit late- I needed to "go" with the whole authenticity of dates and time - Kind of like being superstitious ... they are a bit on the strange side if you think about the whole "obituary" thing - but as I see it- I am memorializing these women.
Thirteen Ladies Passing.

I have a web site that is kind of being updated right now - but I haven't taken it totally down so yes- you can go my works here: The true URL will be and that will be finished by mid August.

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Third International Bakers Dozen Collage Exchange
Each artist made 13 collages.
The one work from each artist which is shown in this Internet exhibition, was also exhibited in New Plymouth, New Zealand, and was then sent to the Museo de Collage in Mexico.
A package of 12 mixed collages was sent back to each participating artist.

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