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Susan Mabray Gnaedinger

I did design work for a printing company for twenty years. At first I was a paste up artist and used a darkroom with a process camera. I got real interested in the process. Like how you can manipulate a piece of artwork to make it print. A lot of what I did was preparing really bad artwork for production. Anyway, I am interested in processes. The last eight years I worked on a computer, and was still interested in the processes. How you can manipulate and change things, with scanning or photoshop or whatever. So, this years collages started as a 10 x 12 tempera painting. I scanned the painting and removed the color and left the black and white image. I reduced it and printed it on different papers, and used that image as a starting point for the collages. I have done this with a couple of other images, and I enjoy making the collages so much. It eases my mind, if that makes sense. Also, it is very much like being a paste up artist. I can move things around until the design works. Really I think I just make designs.
Susan Mabray Gnaedinger
from Champaign, IL, USA.

Contact Susan at sgnaedinge@aol.com

Fourth International Bakers Dozen Collage Exchange
Each artist made 13 collages.
The one work from each artist which is shown in this Internet exhibition is exhibited in New Plymouth, New Zealand, and is then sent to the Museo de Collage in Mexico.
A package of 12 mixed collages is sent to each participating artist.

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