6th Bakers Dozen Collage Exchange
An exhibition in Two Rooms: ROOM ONE

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Judith Mangiameli
Garden Grove, CA, USA
Joy Logan
Baltimore, MD, USA
Richard Fulham
St. Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada

Dale Copeland
Puniho, NZ
Fran Blazon
Goffstown, NH, USA

David Kamm
Decorah, IA, USA
Norman Kary
Piano, TX, USA
Karen Dennis
Auckland, NZ

Kathleen Harrington
Hudson, OH, USA
Marie Samuel
Herod, IL, USA

L Sue Smith
St. Louis, MO, USA
Elena Mary Siff
Santa Monica, CA, USA
Joan Schulze
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Maggie Zografakis
St. Louis, MO, USA
Elisabeth Holmes
Boda Raton, FL, USA

Denise Enslen
Mountain Home, AR, USA
Eileen Downes
Sacramento, CA, USA
Elizabeth Concannon
St. Louis, MO, USA

Justin Morgan
Wellington, NZ
Christopher Wells
Wellington, NZ

Linda Wood Feldman
Coronado, CA, USA
Mary Ann Maritz
St. Louis, MO, USA
Jeanne Rohen
St. Charles, MO, USA

Annette Ellis
St. Louis, MO, USA
Ralph Michael Brekan
Tempe, AZ, USA

Helen Hume
Manchester, MO, USA
Kay Wood
St. Louis, MO, USA
M.J. Goerke
St. Louis, MO, USA

Ann Kinzelman
Sunrise, FL, USA
Evalyn Rogers
Kirkwood, MO, USA

Shirley Nachtrieb
St. Charles, MO, USA
Anita Cluett
Wakefield, NH, USA
Judith Bergerson
Wyoming, MN, USA

Carol Boyer
Syracuse, NY, USA
Glenda Hares
St. Louis, MO, USA

Christian Leduc
Rouyn-Noranda, Québec, Canada
Barbara Bjornson Jordan
Clear Lake, MN, USA
Mary Ellen Long
Durango, CO, USA

Carol Melichar
Oviedo, FL, USA
Victoria Culbertson
Okinawa, Japan

Georgette Levy
Highland Beach, FL, USA
Paula Leiter Pergament
Sunfish Lake, MN, USA
Susan Mabray Gnaedinger
Champaigne, IL, USA

Arla "Crumlick" Wible
Hilton Head, SC, USA
Stephen Linhart
Amherst, MA, USA

Mary Unterbrink
Deerfield Beach, FL, USA
Lynette Hensley
Everett, WA, USA
Marie Stockhill
Polson, MT, USA

Jeanne Roth
Gamaliel, AR, USA
Gloria Brand
Boca Raton, FL, USA

Eva Escaig
Boca Raton, FL, USA
John Sager
Austin, TX, USA
Lynne Kroll
Coral Springs, FL, USA

Jo Rezny McCredie
Arnold, MO, USA
Linda Masotti
San Francisco, CA, USA

Anna Myers
North York, Ontario, Canada
Janet Gold
Coral Springs, FL, USA
Maria Ávila
Juiz de Fora, Brasil

Ruth Kolker
St. Louis, MO, USA
Rebecca Sessums
Boynton Beach, FL, USA

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This is the sixth International Bakers Dozen Collage Exchange
121 artists have each made 13 collages.
The one work from each artist shown here becomes part of the permanent collection of the Museo de Collage in Mexico.

Another collage from each artist becomes part of the permanent collection of ArtColle in Sergines, France.

One work from each artist is exhibited and offered for sale in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

A package of 10 mixed collages is sent back to each participating artist.

We are grateful to Warehouse Stationery
for their assistance.

You can see the 3rd, 4th & 5th collage exchanges here.

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