Favela 1

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Favela 1
Maria Avila

The FAVELAS, in Rio de Janeiro, are something that always intrigued me, as people live on the most beautiful hills, enjoying the most beautiful landscapes, sometimes, a better view than the ones who live in apartments.
The houses are made from cardboard, and other materials they find, but they seldom come down.
It was a reason for architects from different countries to research the structures in the favelas.
At night the favelas light up like a Christmas tree.
People who live there are general workers, but it is also a place where the drug dealers live and hide, as cars can't go up there, it is difficult for the police to go after them.
The fights we usually see on TV are between the chief of gangs who want to keep the domain in some areas.
It is one of Brazil's big social problems, but there are many honest workers living in the favelas.
When carnival time comes, they all mix together to be in the parades, rich and poor, in one peaceful and unique party.
We have some VIP persons that grew up in favelas. Inspired by what I know, I wanted to show the beautiful part of a favela, where the solidarity never fails.

Maria Avila
from Juiz de Fora - MG - Brazil

More of Maria's art can be seen on her site at www.mariaavila.com
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