John Sager

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Artist Statement

"The world has many edges. There is the place where the desert meets the mountains, where the meadow becomes the woods, where the rocks slip down beneath the sea. The elements often blend at these borders; sometimes mystery ensues, sometimes a confrontation takes place. More often a beauty is born of the commingling."
- Carl Little, author of WINSLOW HOMER AND THE SEA

It is that elusive beauty of the "commingling" that I hope to capture and sustain in my assemblage.

Objects have a unique history: they have had human companions. As collector, I find objects that want to be together, to be companions in a new life. In my role as joiner, I deal with surface and form, sequence and juxtaposition. I try to turn chaos into order by whatever means possible, sometimes by accident. I build upon a foundation of surrealism with very real objects. Assemblage is well suited to the duality of "the parts" and "the whole."

My first concern is visual. I try to add another dimension to our perceptions of everyday objects, turning "ordinary" to "extraordinary." I believe an artwork can be harmonious yet challenging to the viewer. My last concern is to awaken the imagination.

The art of assemblage is the real joining of separate objects into a cohesive whole. Where the two become one in a commingling is often where the individual glimpses the Eternal Being.

John Sager lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife Joni and their three cats Be-Bop, Reggae and Persephone.

John Sager

John Mark Sager's unique assemblage sculptures have been featured in numerous gallery, museum and university shows across Texas, as well as nationally juried exhibitions in New Mexico and Oregon.

His artwork has been honored with a dozen jurors' awards, including "Best of Show" at the Waco Art Center, a major award from the McKinney Avenue Contemporary (MAC) Museum in Dallas and a purchase award from Concordia University in Austin.

Since 1980, he has served on the technical staff for the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas. He holds a BA in Art from Texas Lutheran University.

His gallery affiliation is with Hooks-Epstein Galleries in Houston, and examples of his work can be seen at

His 11th solo exhibition, "Prepared Atmospheres," is scheduled for this fall at Flatbed Press in Austin.

Hotel Cornell

As you strolled the avenues on the eyelids of angels
and patrolled the streets like a gutter rat
did you really expect steel painted black
as you danced on the starlet's bosom

Or was it bronze painted white
that caught your delight as the disheveled
Renaissance boy kept coming back
for his disqualified syntax of love

To your cellar of paraphernalia
the front desk called with questions
of light and dark for your rooms
were light but your objects dark

Though we were only temporary guests
with other quests we propositioned room service
for your blueprints of dreams and ice cream machines
as we danced at the Hotel Cornell

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Image © John Sager