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Text from the article in the AMARILLO Style magazine

Art and Stampede may seem incongruous together in a sentence, but July 24th the AMoA Alliance will host the museum's one-time-only international ART Stampede.

Where can you travel to view a wonderful collection of collages from 170 artists around the world? Right here: Amarillo, Texas, on an ordinary Thursday night! Amarillo Museum of Art is the recipient of the 10th International Collage Exhibition, which opened spring 2008 in New Zealand.

Recalling Wild West land runs, this event has a twist: participans stake their claims on 8X10 pieces of original art created by artists from around the globe, including Australia, Canada, France, Africa, Germany, Romania, Argentina, Belgium and the UK.

Prior to the actual stampede on AMoA's third floor will be a preview sip-and-see cocktail hour. ART STAMPEDE co-chairmen Kathy Price Dryden, AMoA Alliance President and Anne Amerson, VP Public Relations, organized the event.

Fund raising concept: first give people a chance to view the collages and select their favorites, then stampede from the corrals and claim their piece of art when Amarillo Mayor Debra McCartt fires the starting pistol .. then it is every man and woman for themselves! That's right, everyone with a stamped credential can take one collage off the wall and take it home!!! Not the stampeding type? You may designate a runner. Following the stampede, a delicious cowboy style dinner will be cooked up to feed the hungry herd. Music and an optional "collage swap" will round-up the evening.

"Each year the International Collage Exhibition is donated to a non-profit arts entity," said AMoA trustee, Christian Price Frazer. "Previous recipients include ArtColle Museum, Paris, and the International Museum of Collage & Assemblage, Mexico. This year the collection was shipped to Amarillo Museum of Art's Alliance. This marks the first time the exhibition has been given to an American art museum. It's literally a cone in a lifetime opportunity for AMoA to receive a collage collection of this calibre. When the 10th annual exhibit was hug online more than 488,63 viewers previewed it in the first three weeks."

Among the international collagists are art notables Dale Devereux Copeland, PhD, of New Zealand - a former college math professor - whose doctoral thesis "Chaos Theory" insired her to pursue collage. She is an award-winning artist-lecturer, exhibited through Central and Eastern Europe, and the Orient, as a well as a frequent presenter at International Collage Symposiums; she's been the subject of numerous magazine publications, and has published three books of collage art.

Joan Schulze is considered one of America's top collage artists. Her work has been the subject of both books and national arts publications; her creations have been featured in 100 juried and invitational exhibitions, including the Danish Textile Museum, museums in Australia, Beijing, Japan, Germany, France and England, Canada and 13 states in the USA. She is a textile collage expert whose works have been studied at the San Diego Museum of Art and the Museum of American Folk Art, in NYC.

Collagist Mimi Shapiro has published art books and been exhibited in Europe and the USA. Her collages hang in the collections of International Museum of Collage & Assemblage, Mexico, ArtColle Musee, Paris, and National Museum for Women in the Arts, Washington, DC.

According to AMoA Board of Trustees President, Joe Bill Sherrod "The cameo in this whole concept of an International Art Stampede is Anne Amerson, who has a collage in this exhibition for the 2nd year. Two Texans are in this international show. I am so excited that one of our own Amarillo artists is one of them. Her collage is called Dreamtime, and is a portrait created from cut and torn papers."

Kathy Price Dryden, AMoA Alliance president adds "Anne is so modest. Her personal accomplishments are amazing! She is an award-winning collage artist -- her work has been featured in art museums including the Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, as well as here at AMoA. Three of her 50 handmade artist books are in the permanent collections of National Museum for Women in the Arts; MoMA, NY; Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico, Taos, where she is a laureate."

Collage is a fascinating medium," said Amerson. "It is essentially painting with paper, cutting and tearing pieces then juxtaposing them to create light and shadow. Picasso and Braque launched collage into the mainstream of Paris art in the 20th century. Most early collage experimentation took place in France, so the collage vocabulary is primarily French. Collage is taken from the word colle - to glue. Emphasis is on papiers colles - pasted papers. For me, collage is like working a puzzle, without knowing how it is supposed to end."
v "AMoA's International Art Stampede gives Amarillo an incredible opportunity to not only view international collage artists' work, but to be able to BUY it," said Christian Price Frazer. "The caliber of work is incredible, and rather than paying thousands of dollars for an 8X10 piece of original art, the stampede credentials - which are limited to the first 170 to sign up - are just $100 each."

Dr. Graziella Marchicelli, executive director and chief curator @ AMoA is enthusiastic about the event, both as an exhibition and an Alliance fund-raiser, for the museum's various arts education programs which reach the top 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle.

"This is a brand new - brilliant - fresh idea, which is accessible to even the beginning collector. The co-chairs have put together an Old West good time whichincludes a cowboy meal and drinks and a piece of art for only $100", said Dr Marchicelli. "When we opened the crate of collages from New Zealand I was awed! Whatever your art tasted are, you'll fall in love with them. I saw a handful I would buy personally .. but the event will also be so much fun. Come dressed in your jeans and boots of running gear. Let out your inner child and run in a museum ... grab a piece of art off the wall .... for arts patrons, what could be more exciting?"

Since Art Stampede participation is limited to the first 160 people (170 pieces of art) advance sponsorships for this event at 3 levels, including Cattle Baron, trail boss and Wrangler, have already been lassoed by Jerry & Margaret Hodge, Dr and Mrs Wayne Paullus, Coors of Amarillo, cenveo Trafton Printers, Seale-Amerson Lumber Inc., Amarillo Style magazine, Marty & Linda Anderson, Michael & Ellen Brister, Carl & Linda Hare, Owen and Cynda Lafferty, Joe Bill Sherrod, Stanley Marsh 3 & Wendy, Drs Michael & Lora Lu Westmoreland, Perry & Nancy Williams.

"A very limited number of advance sponsorships are available", said Kathy Price Dryden.

Text from the invitation and ticket (Stampede Credential)

ART (ärt) n. creative works
STAMPEDE (stämpëd) v. sudden headlong rush; running of a group
Join the AMoA Alliance in the
Thursday, July 24th
at the Amarillo Museum of Art
2200 South Van Buren
6:30pm Sip & See
8:00 pm Stampede
8:03 pm Dinner
Bring your Boots of Track Shoes

Sponsors include

Cattle Barons
Amarillo Style Magazine, Coors of Amarillo,
Cenveo Trafton, Margaret & Jerry Hodge,
Seale-Amerson Lumber Co., Inc.,
and Dr. & Mrs. Wayne Paullus

Trail Bosses
Linda & Carl Hare and Joe Bill Sherrod

Linda & Marty Anderson,
Ellen & Mike Brister,
Wendy & Stanley Marsh 3,
Cinda & Owen Lafferty, and
Drs. Loralu & Michael Westmoreland

Anne Amerson & Kathy Price Dryden

Alliance Members
Katie Adams & Christian Price Dryden

* One Stampede Credential
entitleds the bearer to one of the 160 collages from
the International Collage Society that will be
displayed on the walls of AMoA. Credentials will be
issued at the door & you may designate a runner in
your place, if you wish. It's every man for himself!

Cattle Baron $1500
Includes dinner and reserved seating for eight with Stampede credentials, priority positioning in the corral for eight.

Trail Boss $1000
Includes dinner and reserved seating for four with Stampede credentials, priority positioning in the corral for four.

Wrangler $500
Dinner and reserved seating for two with Stampede credentials, corral space for two.

General Admission $100 / person
Dinner, corral space & one Stampede credential.

Couples Ticket $150
Dinner for two, corral space & one credential.

The 10th international Collage Collection can be seen here.

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