20th International Collage Exhibition and Exchange

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The 19th International Collage Exhibition & Exchange is now on its permanent home at www.outofsight.co.nz/Ice19.

A list of artists who have sent in their collages for the 20th is kept here.

Volume 1, II and III - hundreds of collages I've collected from this exchange.
Lovely things.

You can see these books on the Press part of my site at dalecopeland.co.nz.

For the 20th International
Artists each make 13 collages (more or less), size not bigger than A4 (about 8" X 10" or 20cm X 26cm), and send them to me in New Zealand, to arrive by 10th July, 2018 (early is good, it saves a lot of the last minute rush).

NEW. If you can enclose a list of titles it makes the database work faster for me. Thank you.

  1. One from each artist will be offered for sale at an exhibition here in Taranaki, New Zealand with the artist setting the price.
    30% commission taken, the rest to the artist.
    That selling exhibition will also be on the Net on the Virtual TART site, at http://virtual.tart.co.nz allowing the world-wide audience the chance to buy these collages.
    If unsold, that collage will rejoin the exchange.
  2. One is part of a month-long exhibition on the Virtual TART site from July 27th to August 18th and will also permanently be on exhibition on the outofsight.co.nz Internet site.
    It will then be donated to Stone Valley Arts in South West Vermont, USA..
    For 2012 the Collage Collection was donated to Aotea Utanganui, the Museum of South Taranaki in New Zealand.
    For 2013 the Collection has become part of the permanent collection of Puke Ariki, the museum in New Plymouth, New Zealand
    For 2014 the Collection was donated to University of Wisconsin, the Art Department at the Marshfield/Wood County Campus in USA
    For 2015 the Collection was donated to the Art & Design Department at EIT in Napier, New Zealand
    For 2016 the Collection was donated to The Verbeke Foundation in Belgium
    For 2017 the Collection was donated to Musee ArtColle in France
    And, good news, for 2018 the collection will be going to Stone Valley Arts in South West Vermont, USA
  3. To accompany your work to the permanent collection, you can include one copy of a short summary of your bio/statement.
    No more than one page.
The other collages are shared out into parcels which are sent back to each contributing artist.

So you send 13 of yours, get back 12 others (or 11 and money from your sale), and you become part of a public collection.

NOTE: if you can't finish as many as 13, or you want to send more, that's fine. You'll just get fewer (or more) back in your parcel.
(Please send at least three collages).
Interested in taking part?
Here's how it works:

Make 13 collages, roughly 8" X 10" (20cm X 26cm) Can be smaller, not too much bigger. Please, no bigger than A4 size.

Send :
  • your collages,
  • your name & address,
  • email address if you've got one
  • (and the URL of your own website if you've got one and want it listed)
  • Mark which collage you want to offer for sale, and the price.
    (Make it clear which currency you're talking about!!!!)
    30% commission will be taken.
  • A short summary/bio of you as an artist. To go with your work to the institution.
  • If you want to select which one goes on the Net and then to the art institution, that's fine
  • Postage costs have gone up; I've had to put the price at US$60 or the equivalent in your own currency.
    ($40 for New Zealand addresses.)

    Just use cash or PayPal or a cheque/check in your own currency (made out to Dale Copeland), please nothing fancy like bank drafts or money orders.
    Cash would be preferable as it avoids all the bank fees.
    (PayPal button below if you like, or use your own PayPal access and send to dale@tart.co.nz )
    Or, within New Zealand, direct deposit to:
    TSB City branch, D D Copeland 15 3942 0699605 00

  • (and if you can send a re-usable envelope, or include another one in with your collages, that will be greatly appreciated. Not stamped or prepaid, as I have to use New Zealand stamps.)
Dale Copeland
7266 Surf Highway
R D 37 Okato
New Plymouth 4381
(Phone number 06 752 8126 if you need it)
to arrive before 10th July, 2018

A package of 11 or 12 collages by other artists will be sent to each participating artist by mid September 2018.

Have I forgotten anything?
Let me know if you're going to take part. Thanks.
email to Dale at   dale @ tart.co.nz (without the spaces)
The small legal bit:
By taking part in this exchange artists are agreeing to allow one of their collages to become part of the collection of an art institution to be selected each year.
The artist is also agreeing to allow their work to be shown on the websites virtual.tart.co.nz and outofsight.co.nz
Their collage might be chosen as one of those shown on the postcard and/or to advertise the exhibition.
Copyright of the work remains, as always, with the artist.

While the copyright is retained by the artist on works donated to the art institution, unlimited usage is granted to the museum/institution for publicity, raising money etc. Acknowledgement of the artist is requested in any such usage.

Selling your collage in New Zealand
For those who have asked advice on setting a suitable selling price
(the hardest thing for an artist to do!).
In New Zealand it is hard to sell any unframed collage for more than NZ$100, which comes to about US$80 at today's exchange rate. I usually ask about $NZ100 for mine, they don't always sell.
30% commission is taken on sales for this exhibition, and the rest will be sent to you with your packet of collages.
(In the currency of your country if it's humanly possible.)
If your collage doesn't sell, it will join the exchange.
So just let me know which one is for sale, and the selling price (specify which currency!!)

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     Thank you.

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