International Collage Exhibition/Exchange
- The Collection

Each year artists from around the world each make 13 collage artworks, ( each approx. 8" X 10" or 20cm X 26cm), and send them to Dale Copeland in New Zealand.

Each year approx 160 artists take part, from about 14 different countries.

One collage from each artist is part of a month-long exhibition on the Virtual TART website during April then permanently on the website. It is then donated to an art institution somewhere in the world

You can see the collection from previous years on

In previous years the collection has been donated to:
  • ArtColle in Sergines, France
  • Museo de collage in Cuernavaca, Mexico
  • The Learning Connexion, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Hill Country Arts Foundation, Ingram, TX, USA
  • Turchin Center, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC, USA
  • Centre for Adult Education, Melbourne, Australia
  • Amarillo Museum of Art, TX, USA
(One other of each artist's collages is offered for sale at an exhibition in New Zealand and the other 11 are mixed and sent back in an exchange pack to participating artists.)

By taking part in this exchange artists are agreeing to allow one of their collages to become part of the collection of an art institution to be selected each year.
The artist is also agreeing to allow their work to be shown on the websites and
Copyright of the work remains, as always, with the artist.

While the copyright is retained by the artist on works donated to the art institution, unlimited usage is granted to the museum/institution for education, publicity, raising money etc. Acknowledgement of the artist is requested in any such usage.

For art institutions interested in owning one year's collection, please contact Dale Copeland. There is no financial cost to the institution. (Some institutions have given helped with the postage cost of getting the collection to them, but it is not a condition). We ask only that the collage artworks be treated with respect.

Dale Copeland
7266 Surf Highway
R D 37
Okato 4381
Phone 0064 6 752 8126
email to Dale at   dale @ (without the spaces)

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