Green Wind of Time #9

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Green Wind of Time #9
collage on watercolour paper, accompanied by zig-zag book of poem with all 13 images
by Mimi Shapiro
The Green Wind of Time
#1Like Alice she went through the hedge on a garden walk
The path littered with scrabble pieces of life
Goblets of wine and the second hand of the clock
But the clock was only telling zodiac time
#2In the house of the wanderer
Distant places and memories of long ago
Stories as real as realities river
A boy rolls a ring as the second hand
Of the clock is locked in this instant
#3A piano plays a haunting melody
The jester brings flowers, part chaos part game
Time stops in the odd moment as the clock vanishes
And like Alice her suitcase is always packed
#4The chandelier reflects Buddha
Formalities and pleasantries and all human wishes
The night is sweetness and a million thoughts
Sooner or later the clock ticks forward
#5Every woman walks through this dream
Blue haze descends
A haze as soft as silk shantung
And you know this joy is meant just for you
#6Doffodils pour from the sky, books hold stories
Dreams are like cut glass reflected in candlelight
It is summer and spring together
A conscious collection of time's orbit
#7Each clock is shadow and space
Written over years of seasons
A fragrance with a golden glow
Fills the green wind of time
#8Hust trenty-fours hour days
Candles light the way and angels whisper
Poetry is every random thought ever thought
Words spinning from the clock
In their own sweet time
#9Before and after meditation
Passing go and collecting only more time
This black and white movie is in slow motion
Many selves room in the solitary passage of time
#10Flower thoughts come between yesterday and dawn
How many David's have been sculpted over time
Dusted and pulled from antiquity embrace
Because two a.m. is the dreamers' sacred time
#11Dream of love and lilies and the freedom to fly
To Venus and Jupiter where the roulette wheel
Melts in liquid time yet who knows
Between now and a thousand tomorrows
#12Each player knew Leda and the Swan on the chess board
Time echoed as the universe bumped all notions of love
On light beams of sunsetand the very mysterious
Green flash on the horizon
#13With lovers there is no telling time
Each love always cradles that dream
And the abundance of shared pleasure
Is spent in the shadow of time together.

Mimi Shapiro
lives in Lancaster, PA, USA

Email Mimi at   mimistudio @ (remove the spaces)

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Image © Mimi Shapiro