15th International Collage
Exhibition & Exchange

The Collection - Room Three
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Marian Mulligan
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Shirley McElhaney
Kinsman, OH, USA
Lorraine Neill
Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

Kenna Adatte
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Bonnie Helm-Northover
Victoria, BC, Canada

Elaine Johnson
Toronto, ON, Canada
Mary Ellen Long
Durango, CO, USA
Steve Lovett
Manukau City, New Zealand

Susan Wendlandt
Marshfield, WI, USA
LuEllen Joy Giera
La Grange Park, IL, USA

Susan Ashley
San Jose, CA, USA
Claire Marcus
Yarmouthport, MA, USA
Carolyn Swart
Wahroonga, NSW, USA

Sharon Anderson
Whittier, CA, USA
Susan Gnaedinger
Champaign, IL, USA

Grace Leal
Cocoa, FL, USA
Judith Bergerson
Sartell, MN, USA
Neila Kun
Pottstown, PA, USA

Lee Kirk
Eugene, OR, USA
Laura Lein-Svencner
Darien, IL, UA

See the other Collection rooms

The 15th International Collage Exhibition & Exchange

112 artists each made 13 collages.

The collection of these works is donated to Puke Ariki Museum in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Another work from each artist was offered in the Selling Exhibition online and also in the Percy Thomson gallery of Stratford, New Zealand.

A package of 11 (or 12) mixed collages will be sent back to each participating artist.

We gratefully acknowledge assistance from:

You can see the previous collage exchanges here.

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