Log Cabin V

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Log Cabin V
collage of watercolour paper on card
Kathy Dybeck

Repeated patterns were discovered on cloth wrapped mummies from Ancient Egypt.
The 1800s United States quilt makers used cloth strips and squares to form a pattern they called Log Cabin.
My series is an ode to ancient patterns and American quilters. Each of these colorful collage panels consists of seven different pieces (squares and rectangles) cut from scraps of my monotype printmaking, then adhered to a plain watercolor paper base.

Kathy Dybeck
from San Francisco, CA, USA

More of Kathy's art can be seen on her site at www.kathydybeck.com
and her FOGBELT STUDIO at www.fogbeltstudio.com

Email Kathy at   fogbeltkd @ aol.com (remove the spaces)

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Image © Kathy Dybeck