there are small stories and tall tales

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there are small stories and tall tales from A Magic Story
paper collage on watercolour paper
Mimi Shapiro

(accompanying each of Mimi's collages is a small hand-bound book containing the poem "A Magic Story")

there are small stories & tall tales
there are big dreams & tall staircases to climb
there are slippers to fill
friends to meet & share dreams with
butterfly wings to transport you places
flowers to smell & doors to open
music to dance to & nakedness to explore
so many places to go & things to do
a million ways to fly & dream
all those ancient stories of women
each and every one our Mona Lisa
except in this movie version you're the star
so believe in magic & dream

Mimi Shapiro
from Lancaster, PA, USA

More of Mimi's art can be seen on her site at
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Image © Mimi Shapiro