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monotype with collage in debossed panel of watercolour paper
image 90 X 90mm (3" square) on 200 X 170 (8" X 7") paper, all on card.
Janet Jones


As a child, I spent many of my happiest hours poking around in creek beds, imagining myself the size of an ant, wandering in fantastic landscapes in which pebbles became boulders and mosses became prehistoric trees. This quirk of mind has followed me into adulthood, and you may imagine the delight with which some years ago I stumbled upon an exhibit of suiseki, the Japanese art of stone appreciation. Here was an entire exhibition hall filled with people happily contemplating stones resembling mountians or islands, imagining them selves transported into these alternative realities. Fragments of the little landscapes in this collection have been drifting about on my work \table for a long time waiting to be recognized and given coherent form. I feel more like their discoverer than their author.

Janet Jones
from San Francisco, CA, USA

More of Janet's art can be seen on her website at www.janetjonesfineart.com
Email Janet at   janet @ janetjonesfineart.com (remove the spaces)

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