Lunghezza III

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Lunghezza III from the series "Stretch"
mixed media collage with fibre on matboard
Susan Kloch Wendlandt

The 13 collages created for the International Collage Exchange and Exhibit is a product of a scholarship Susan received from the Manito Art League of Wisconsin on July 2007.
The scholarship allowed Susan to explore and develop new creative printmaking skills under the guidance of her former art professor Kitty Kingston at the Marshfield, Wood County Campus.

Susan's artistic talents and interests are extremely diverse because of her childhood experiences living in Chicago and having artistic parents and grandparents guiding and nurturing her artistic talents and dreams.

A brief over view of Susan's twenty five years of teaching experiences encompasses 4-H youth programming and instructing for the UW Wood County Cooperative Extension Office and many other local artistic educational youth programs program "Art Attack"
v Susan's artistic endeavors range from intense nonobjective charcoal drawings to lampworking, paper sculptures, designer textiles, Intaglio printmaking, stick sculptures, photography and photographic and mixed media collages. Her artwork and teaching style often reflects her in-depth experience and understanding in the area of Attention Deficit Disorder.

Susan L. Kloch Wendlandt (SILK) presently lives in Marshfield, Wisconsin and is mentored by her former professor and good friend, Professor Kitty Kingston at the UW Marshfield/Wood County Campus. Susan also enjoys sharing ideas and problem solving with artists John and Tessie Kloch and printmaker Cathy Jean Clark.

Susan L. Kloch Wendlandt

Susan Kloch Wendlandt
from Marshfield, WI, USA

More of Susan's art can be seen on the website
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