Discovering Art, Vol 2

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Discovering Art, Vol 2
collage on art paper
Warren Collins
The ‘discovery art’ series is of course a homage to those art magazines, journals and books where I discovered, mostly at a young age many images which despite the poor quality of the reproduction still managed to inspire a life long love of the art and artists; and of course an intense desire to see the originals. It is intriguing if not a strange fact that we seem to be able to respond to art works in spite of the poor quality of the reproduction. Could we imagine having a similar response to badly reproduced or edited books, music or films?

The starting point for this series was in honour of a retired art teacher whose name appeared on the lending card from inside one of the discovery art magazines. ‘Mrs. B’, like so many Art teachers that I knew, taught art rather enthusiastically and at times passionately, but had never seen many of the art works in situ. (nor had I for that matter)

Are there significant differences between our responses to original and reproduced images? What do we really see when we look at reproductions? I think people tend to invest a lot of faith and of course imagination into the things they believe and perhaps not always ‘see’ what they see. Still where would we be without this quality to imagine. I hope you enjoy these little investigations into the ‘discovery of art’.

Copies (reproductions) of additional works from this series can be found on the International collage website (a much under used resource), along with my last years series ‘Art in an age of mechanical reproduction’.

'Addditional works from this series and others can be found on the International Collage group website and work can be purchased directly for those interested.'

Warren Collins 2010

Warren Collins
from Lindisfarne, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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