12th International Collage
Exhibition & Exchange

The Collection - Room One
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Dale Copeland
Puniho, New Zealand
Serena Rossi
Milano, Italy

Erika Hüsselmann
Torbay, New Zealand
Robert Tucker
Rancho Mirage, CA, USA
Marcy Rutledge
Stuart, FL, USA

Judith Mangiameli
Garden Grove, CA, USA
Margaret Conte
Brandon, FL, USA

Linda W Feldman
Durham, NH, USA
Helen Amyes
York, WA, Australia
Claudia McGill
Wyncote, PA, USA

Gloria Federwitz
Marshfield, WI, USA
Cordula Kagemann
Engeln, Germany

Ann Kinzelmann
Sunrise, FL, USA
Rita Rasmussen
Powell River, BC, Canada
Laraine Centineo
Manasquan, NJ, USA

Martha Marshall
Killen, AL, USA
Joan Schulze
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Mimi Shapiro
Lancaster, PA, USA
Elisabeth Leifeld
Altenberge, Germany
Joy Logan
Baltimore, MD, USA

Susan Barnett-Wolin
Welllington, FL, USA
Susi Richardson
Concord, NH, USA

Valerie Arntzen
Vancouver, BC, USA
Jane Pakula
Pembroke Pines, FL, USA
Carol Melichar
Oviedo, FL, USA

Julia Wigent
Morton, PA, USA
Sue Smith
St Louis, MO, USA

Dianne Dockery
Kitztown, PA, USA
Janice Rogers
Yellville, AR, USA
Linley Huggins
Coromandel, New Zealand

Martha Whittemore
Stuart, FL, USA
Richard Fulham
St Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada

Joan Hinden
Tamarac, FL, USA
Elizabeth Concannon
St Louis, MO, USA
Marsha Rushing
Marshville, NC, USA

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The 12th International Collage Exhibition & Exchange

132 artists each made 13 collages.

The collection of these works will be donated to ArtColle, the museum of collage in Plemet, France.

Another work from each artist was offered in the Selling Exhibition online and also in the Real Tart gallery of New Plymouth, New Zealand.

A package of mixed collages was sent back to each participating artist.

We gratefully acknowledge assistance from:

You can see the previous collage exchanges here.

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