A Sense of Space

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A Sense of Space
collage on board
Eydi Lampasona

This collage is derived from personal photographs, duplicated ontolaser paper and collaged. My personal guiding force is closely tied to the Japanese philosophy, Wabe-Sabi. This honors the ever-changing, the impermanent and the acceptance of transience.

I teach mixed media/collage workshops throughout North America and in the fall Tuscany, Italy. In addition, I have just completed a new DVD titled:
The creative process of altering, embellishing and enhancing ordinary papers for your collage and mixed media artwork.

Pleas visit website or email for further information and schedules.
Thank you.
Have a creative week!
Eydi Lampasona
from Boca Raton, FL, USA

You can see more of Eydi's art on her site at www.EydiLampasona.com
Email Eydi at   pydi @ bellsouth.net (remove the spaces)

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