13th International Collage
Exhibition & Exchange

The Collection - Room Four
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Claudine Intner
Annapolis, MD, USA
Kate Eggleston-Wirtz
St Annes, Lancashire, UK
Erika Hüsselmann
Torbay, Auckland, New Zealand

Theressa Napoli
Solon, OH, USA
Sarah Tatham
Opunake, New Zealand

Federico Fernando Mendoza
Liverpool, NSW, Australia
LuEllen Giera
Lagrange Park, IL, USA
Carolyn Swart
Wahroonga, NSW, Australia

Laura Burton
Glendale, AR, USA
Michele Gardner, Auckland, New Zealand

Carmel Telfar
Stratford, New Zealand
Renea Erickson
Foristell, MO, USA
Lisa Sarsfield
Oropi, Tauranga, New Zealand

Monique Levesque
Portland, OR, USA
Dianne Martia
Darien, IL, USA

Lorraine Pemberton
Hamilton, New Zealand
Sandra Toornstra
Waihi, New Zealand
Sandra Pape
Cedarburg, WI, USA

Laura Lein-Svencner
Darien, IL, USA
Annais Allen
Whangaparaoa, New Zealand

Jude Worters
Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Heather Bramwell
Oparau, New Zealand
Lesley le Grove
Perth, WA, Australia

Jette Clover
Antwerpen, Belgium
Kathleen Schmieder
Bellville, TX, USA

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The 13th International Collage Exhibition & Exchange

115 artists each made 13 collages.

The collection of these works is donated to The Learning Connexion, a New Zealand art educational institute.

A package of 11 (or 12) mixed collages has been sent back to each participating artist.

You can see the poster for the 13th exchange here - a pdf file, easy to print.
Take part in Matthew Rose's DEFENSE D'AFFICHER project using the poster if you like. See www.defensedafficherproject.blogspot.com

We gratefully acknowledge assistance from:

You can see the previous collage exchanges here.

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.Thank you.

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