13th International Collage
Exhibition & Exchange

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Joan Schulze
Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Dale Copeland
Puniho, New Zealand
Robert Tucker
Rancho Mirage, CA, USA

Julia Wigent
Morton, PA, USA
Cherie Redlinger
Alexandria, VA, USA

Judith Mangiameli
Garden Grove, CA, USA
Claire Marcus
Yarmouthport, MA, USA
Jane Hilbert
Denver, CO, USA

Richard Fulham
St Hyacinthe, QC, Canada
Elizabeth Concannon
St Louis, MO, USA

Claudia McGill
Wyncote, PA, USA
Mimi Shapiro
Lancaster, PA, USA
Gloria Federwitz
Marshfield, WI, USA

Bruce Smith
Childress, TX, USA
Sue Jensen
Portland, OR, USA

F.B. Jessop
Sulphur, OK, USA
Serena Rossi
Milano, Italia
Ann Kinzelmann
Lauderhill, FL, USA

Margaret Conte
Brandon, FL, USA
Julian Royds
Wellington, New Zealand

Csaba Pál
Budapest, Hungary
Jean Tock
Carmel, NY, USA
Honorata Jarnuszkeiwicz
Montreal, Canada

Billye Miraglia
Stuart, FL, USA
Carol Staub
Port st Lucie, FL, USA

Jo Murray
Little Mountain, Qld, Australia
Linda Wood Feldman
Durham, NH, USA
Elaine Johnson
Toronto, ON, Canada

< /TR>
L. Sue Smith
St Louis, MO, USA
Connie Zane
Langlois, OR, USA

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The 13th International Collage Exhibition & Exchange

115 artists each made 13 collages.

The collection of these works is donated to The Learning Connexion, a New Zealand art educational institute.

A package of 11 (or 12) mixed collages has been sent back to each participating artist.

You can see the poster for the 13th exchange here - a pdf file, easy to print.
Take part in Matthew Rose's DEFENSE D'AFFICHER project using the poster if you like. See www.defensedafficherproject.blogspot.com

We gratefully acknowledge assistance from:

You can see the previous collage exchanges here.

If you're able to help:
.Thank you.

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