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Itıs been ten years since I started creating these Foundlings. Now, more then ever, I am convinced that I have found my voice with these works. They not only speak of some unknown purpose or history but they have given me a purpose and they speak of my history as well.

I have taken a very methodical approach to creating my assemblages. Found objects are arranged in a style following in the tradition of such artists as Joseph Cornell and Louise Nevelson. Balance, composition and texture are integral to my work that explores the redemptive qualities of discarded material. My limited color palette comes from the materials used, such as: aged, dark wood; brass and gold leaf; machine parts; rusted metal; glass and natural elements. Lately, I have been exploring silver tones as well. Ultimately, in contrast to their humble origins, these assemblages transcend the found quality of their individual parts to become shrine-like objects of beauty.
  70 Degrees
Ingredients: Furniture Ornament, Brush, Calipers, Clock Parts,
Drawer Pull, Brass Hardware, Frame Parts
8"w x 10"h x 3"d
robbii, $1200 US