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Dale works in assemblage and collage, the juxtaposition of disparate images and found objects, usually making an observation of the bleaker side of the human condition.
‘The philosophy of the found.’

Her work can be seen on her website www.dalecopeland.co.nz

She has been running the annual International Collage Exhibition/Exchange, originally called The Baker’s Dozen, since 2000. One work from each participating artist through those years can be seen on the website www.outofsight.co.nz

It's a lot of work, attempting to make fair and equitable exchanges with more than a thousand collages each year. But I get to know some terrific artists AND I get first choice at the exchanges. I've built up a tremendous collection over the years, and have published books which show (so far) a couple of hundred of them.

  Lares, Penates
Found objects
36 X 26 X 4cm
Dale Copeland, 2016, $1200
Lares and Penates, the household gods in old Rome.
The protecting spirits and the cherished possessions of the home.
Each house would have a shrine to everything they hold dear. What would ours hold?