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Dale works in assemblage and collage, the juxtaposition of disparate images and found objects, usually making an observation of the bleaker side of the human condition.
‘The philosophy of the found.’

Her work can be seen on her website www.dalecopeland.co.nz

She has works in many public collections, including the Dowse Art Museum, Govett Brewster Art Gallery, Puke Ariki, Gisborne Museum and Arts Centre, Massey University and the James Wallace Art Trust in New Zealand, Museo de Collage in Mexico, ArtColle in France, and the Tsanko Lavrenov National School of Fine Arts in Bulgaria. And in private collections around the world.

I miss them, these lost treasures.
  This Conveyance
assemblage of found objects assorted treasures, in two sewing machine cases and a clock case 62 X 44 X 7 cm
Dale Copeland, 2014, $4800 SOLD
"This Conveyance" written on an old deed of land transfer refers to this body that briefly carries us,
as well as to the property ownership which so consumes our interest..